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3 reasons a Whiskey Alley gift card is the best holiday gift

"Eclectic and cutting-edge with a dash of retro, Whiskey Alley is a taste-buds adventure whether or not you tipple." - Michael Stern [RoadFoods]

One of the hardest parts about the holidays is finding the right gifts for everyone you care about. You can just ask them what they want, but then you've abandoned the thought, and that's what counts right? Now you have to think. What would they like? What do they already have? What can I get them that isn't like everyone else's gift? Do I really care if they re-gift it for their company Christmas party? These are all really important questions.

What if you could give them something that is truly unique, an experience that is unlike anything available in their hometown, but they will never have to leave home? Whiskey Alley is that.

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Giving a Whiskey Alley gift card is the only thoughtful gift card you can give

I've worked in the food and beverage industry for 20 years, and an immediate consequence of that is eating at every other restaurant available for the lack of desire to cook anything for yourself. It doesn't take long until you have burned yourself out on every eatery around. Fast, Slow, Nice, Not.... its just the same old things over and over again.

The Outback and Chilis gift cards are easy to find in every Wal-Mart check out aisle across the country, tucked neatly next to the snickers bars and monster energy drinks like the afterthought that they are. The Visa gift cards offer a choice, but its really just a weird way of pretending you thought harder than just giving them cash. When did cash become a bad thing anyways?

A Whiskey Alley gift card is a surprise nestled in surprised, like a Russian nesting doll. It truly is a thoughtful choice, because everyday their specials menu is created with intent and careful thought.

Whiskey Alley is a truly unique chef-centric experience.

Everyday the specials menu changes, so there is no sitting around wondering when you are going to go order that blooming onion that you love so much, because you truly have no idea what is on the menu until the day of. There is good reason that Whiskey Alley is considered the best restaurant in Aiken, and that is because on any given day it has offerings that you could only find if you travelled. In fact, 3 times James Beard award winner Michael Stern and co-creator of RoadFood listed Whiskey Alley as "Legendary" and "worth driving from anywhere" in his review declaring it "Eclectic and cutting-edge with a dash of retro, Whiskey Alley is a taste-buds adventure whether or not you tipple." Read his full review here.

Boasting over 200 whisk(e)ys, this bar is the where you can find bottles you can't find anywhere else around. Combine that with a cocktail list that is built around fresh ingredients hand-picked and created by the Chef, and you have the best bar and restaurant in Aiken, SC with the Chef's talent throughout.

"The whiskey menu is phenomenal, tons of options ranging from basic choices to hard to find bottles. One of the best restaurants in Aiken" - John Endres [google review]

The restaurant has plenty of familiarity, but its turned up to a degree you wouldn't imagine possible. Who would have thought that brussels sprouts would be one of the most talked about dishes at a restaurant?

Great atmosphere!!! Drinks were on point!!! You have to try the Brussel Sprouts when you visit because they are AMAZING!!! - David Plowden [google reviews]

Or how bout the tried and true whiskey cocktail, the Old Fashioned? It is truly a simple cocktail by design: bourbon with some sugar and bitters. Again, the bar is raised.

Today I had a smoked old fashioned that easily compares to the ones I get in Manhatten. You should go down and get one, it was simply amazing. - Biggest Corpse* [google reviews]

(*strange name, nice review... thanks Mr. Corpse...)

During the annual gift card sale you can get gift cards for 20% off

So now you know why you should tell anyone to visit Whiskey Alley, or maybe you have finally been convinced yourself to go. Every visit is a new experience, the food is phenomenal, and the drinks the best around. If that wasn't enough on Saturday, December 17th, you have all day to purchase a gift card for 20% off. Gift your friends or loved ones the experience of Whiskey Alley and prove to them just how thoughtful that gift card is. If all of your stockings are stuffed, feel free to buy one for yourself, and enjoy 20% off a future experience at Aiken's best restaurant. Be sure to make a reservation for Lunch, Brunch, or Dinner.

Bonus: You could win a $100 gift card

Not only during this annual sale are you getting the best deal on an amazing experience, but you may enter into a drawing for an additional $100 gift card. Whiskey Alley will have a kiosk in front of the restaurant dedicating to selling gift cards and entering you for the chance to win the additional $100 gift card. Make sure to swing by and grab dinner, or just pop by the kiosk to grab the best stocking stuffer this holiday season.

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