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Flights and Bites: Curated, course, private dinners at Whiskey Alley.

One Wednesday per month, we like to host a private little shin dig out back on our patio at Whiskey Alley - Flights and Bites. It's a themed tasting dinner where Chef's Chad and Katie collaborate with our head bartender, Daniel, to deliver a crafted and curated culinary experience.


Each month is a little something different. It can be wine, spirits, or beer. Our favorite is obviously Whiskey, but we've got love for all of the boozy libations out there. Not only is the fare delicious, but it comes with a big ol' side of information, education, and some inside baseball. Daniel and Chad enjoy sharing their vast wealth of knowledge and explaining how each dinner came together. Why this wine makes this dish taste better, why this bourbon accentuates this plate, or why this beer... is just delicious and can be enjoyed with just about anything.

Not only do the guests get to hang out with our resident experts in a bit more relaxed atmosphere, but occasionally it's an opportunity to bring in some outside experts and friends to help out. We've had the Owner of Munkle Brewing and the Master Distiller from Maker's Mark to name a couple.


These events also bring about all sorts of off menu surprises. These surprises take form both in bottles and on plates. Sometimes we bring a few new bottles to round out the experience, and sometimes Chef gets wild and orders Wagyu Beef for the event. It was at one of these events where Chef Chad first revealed he was opening The Red Door: Sake + Kitchen and provided the first tastes of what would become staple menu items at his new restaurant.

If you'd like to be a part of any of these private events, all you have to do is put down a $25 deposit. The remaining balance (not including taxes, gratuities, or extra orders) will be paid at the end of the event. The events are always posted to our home page - If you want to avoid another boring Wednesday, have a unique date night, a fun time with a group of friends, or maybe something different for your birthday - this is it. Seating is very limited and the tickets go fast, so be sure to sign up quickly - THEY ALWAYS SELL OUT.

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