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Cocoa and Courage: Whiskey Alley Boozy Hot Cocoa Turns Cold Into Liquid Gold!

Whiskey Alley Home-Made Boozy Hot Chocolate
Chad's Home-made Hot Chocolate, Mixed with Jameson Black Barrel and Mr. Black Coffee Liquer and Topped with Hand-Made Whipped Cream, Marshmallow, Pirouette, Chocolate Shavings.

Head Bartender Daniel Rodriguez at Whiskey Alley

Our resident Professor of Potations, Daniel, is doubling down on warming you up this holiday season.

Taking Chef Chad's homemade hot cocoa, he's adding a bit more heat with some Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey and Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liquer - Mr. Black happens to be one of Norman Dunagan's favorites - luckily Daniel agrees, or things would just be awkward. Daniel then tops the hot libation with his hand-made, nitrogenated whipped cream and some confectionary love. You'll want several of these before they run out!

Whiskey Alley Hot Chocolate gets a boost from Jameson Black Barrel and Mr Black Coffee Liquer

Whiskey Alley's Head Bartender Daniel Rodriguez

Not only that, it gets even better still. You can, without judgement from us, enjoy your own personal mug of hot chocolate - we can't speak for the others at your table. If you are looking to earn some extra stocking stuffers from your loved ones this year, you may want to opt for the mega mug. A giant, double sized mug made for sharing. If you aren't expecting anything other than pleasantries and coal this year, get the double and enjoy that yourself! Still no judgement from us.

In fact... RESPECT! It can be hard to share a Whiskey Alley Boozy Hot Cocoa, but we will try to make it a little easier for you.

If that wasn't enough already... Daniel isn't even done there. He also plans on introducing a new flavor weekly - New Booze, New Flavor, New Toppings! This first week, he is starting with a coconut rum variation. As well as having boozy variations, there is also always the option of getting Chad's home-made cocoa straight up without alcohol. These virgin versions are only available in single size, but they are rich and still pack a punch!

Come in and warm up with a boozy, or not, home-made hot chocolate.

It's the holidays: treat yourself, or anyone else, weekly with the flavor of the week!

The hot chocolates are available starting Tuesday, Dec the 5th, and the Coconut Rum Version will be available Wednesday. A single Hot Chocolate is $9, a single boozy cocoa is $14.5 and the mega mug shareable cocoa is $22.

Whiskey Alley Home-Made Alcoholic Hot Cocoa
A Hot Chocolate from last year. Toppings may not be available currently.

Don't forget to make your reservations. The holidays bring larger groups out on a regular basis, so seating may be more limited than usual.

If you are bringing a party of 10 or more, use our party planning tool and coordinate with our team so that you have the most comfortable experience.

Whiskey Alley Boozy Hot Cocoa just in time for the Holidays!

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