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The Whiskey Alley Team

We are so fortunate to have a team of folks passionate about crafting unique experiences.


Downtown Aiken

Aiken has developed and grown since it's inception as a southern haven for northern citizens.  It is a charming town that is progressive and growing, while founded in tradition heritage.  A community of southern culture welcoming folks from every cardinal direction.  Aiken is a community that shares its roads with bicycles, cars, and horses.  It is a city that hosts national baseball championships and the sport of kings.

There was no better place to be for a restaurant embracing old world techniques to bring something new and fresh every single day.  Taking over 40 years of experience and 100's of years of tradition to create an extensive new specials menu every day. 


Downtown is the place to find the best small privately owned businesses and restaurants.  You can find pizza, tacos, sushi, wings and more.  At Whiskey Alley, you can find something new everyday


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