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Frequently asked Questions

  • Where do I get the app for rewards?
    Simply click this link to sign up now. This will take you to a webapp and you will be prompted to save it to your home screen. Click any of the options and you will be prompted to sign in or sign up.
  • Can I use rewards for to go orders?
    Absolutely. Simply click apply rewards at the checkout screen. Any rewards you have available will be offered and you can choose which you wish to apply.
  • How do I redeem or earn reward in Whiskey Alley?
    From the home screen click rewards. Then click earn reward at the top of the screen and you will be provided a unique QR code that your server or bartender can scan with their ipad. You will earn a point per dollar spent, and will be credited with every whiskey you have purchased for the passport program.
  • What is the passport program?
    When Whiskey Alley first opened in 2017, we created the Whiskey Alley passport. Customers can use the passport sized books like a passport, documenting your travels across the world. The only difference is each page is reserved for documenting your experiences with different whiskeys. Jot notes on the taste, the color, or simply whether you liked it or not. Best part, now it is tied to the loyalty program and is automatically applied to your rewards. For every 20 you try, you will receive different rewards.
  • Where can I purchase gift cards?
    You can always come into the store and buy a physical gift card, but with our new loyalty app the process is even easier. Simply click the gift cards section and purchase one for yourself or for someone else and email them a digital card that can be scanned from a mobile device.
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