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Paul White

Phenomenal food, amazing whiskey selection, great beer.

Menu 06.11.21


Whiskey Alley Favorites


Cantonese Green Beans $8

Toasted Sesame, Scallion


Crispy Brussels Sprouts $8

Chili Maple Drizzle *GF


Roasted Beat Salad $13.5

Candied Almonds, Goat Cheese,

Spring Mix, Citrus,

Brown Butter Maple Vinaigrette


Cheese Board $17

Chef’s Selection of Cheeses, Seasonal Accompaniments *VG


Charcuterie Board $18

Rotating Cured Meats and House Pates,

Assorted Pickles, Dijon Mustard

Crackers and Crostini


Royal With Cheese Burger $13

American Cheese, Dill Pickles, Shredduce, Magic Sauce, Potato Bun, Hand Cut Fries

*Chipotle Black Bean Burgers Available

Bacon Jam $2 *Fried Egg *$2 Pickles Jalapeno $.50  


Fish and Chips $18.5

Beer Battered Atlantic Haddock, Hand Cut Fries

Remoulade Sauce Upon Request


The Beyond  Burger $13

Vegan Patty, Red Onion, Barbecue Sauce, Shredduce, Dill Pickles, Bistro Side Said *VG


Small Plates 


The Taco That Shall Not Be Named $4 ea Caramelized Ham and Pineapple, Green Onion, Mozzarella Cheese, 

Home Made Marinara, Flour Tortilla


Home Made Head Cheese $10 Rustic Style Pig Head and Parsley Terrine, Port Wine Stewed Cherries, 

Bacon Fat and Strawberry Mostarda, Garlic Toast


1/4 lb Thai Style Peel n’ Eat Shrimp $12  Lemon Grass Poached Local Shrimp, Char Grilled, Herby Soy Marinade,

 Lemongrass Cocktail Sauce, Spicy Aioli 


Mussels a l a Meuniere $14  Organic P.E. I Mussels, Garlic White Wine Butter Sauce, Parsley, Home Made Garlic Toast 


Whipped Feta $11 Fresh Herbs, Burnt Orange and Black Pepper Honey, Seasoned Lavash *VG


Grilled Spanish Octopus Salad $14 Grilled Artichoke and Chickpea Salad, Roasted Pepper Pepper, Frisee, 

Smoked Paprika, Corto Olive Oil *GF


Elote Shimp Loaded Baked Potato $16 Cornmeal and Lime Crusted Shrimp, Local Sweet Corn, Cheez Whiz, 

Queso Fresco, Cilantro, Scallion, Spicy Chipotle Creme, Tajin *GF


Braised Pork and Dumplings $15 Moroccan Braised Pork Shoulder, Rustic Strewed Eggplant and Pepper Ragout,

Hand Made Ricotta Dumplings, Pecorino 


“Poutine Style” Deviled Eggs $10 Sage Sausage Gravy Aioli, Old School Devil Mix, Crispy Potato, Shaved Fontina *GF


Local Heirloom Tomatoes $11 Spicy Thai Vinaigrette, Shaved Radish, Cucumber, Torn Burrata


 Smoked Trout Dip $12  House Cured and Smoked Rainbow Trout, Hand Cut Potato Chips,  *GF


Beef Tenderloin Tartare V 3.0 $12 Mustard Aioli, Dill Pickle and Shallot, Crispy Hash Brown, Fresh Dill, 

Spicy, Brown Mustard 


Large Plates 


Watermelon and Feta Salad $12 Pomegranate Seeds, Local Watermelon, Blueberries, Spring Mix, 

Champagne Honey Mint Poppyseed Vinaigrette 


Boston Bibb Salad $11 House Lardons, Cherry Tomatoes, Herbed Croutons, Hard Cooked Egg, Buttermilk Ranch, Gorgonzola 


Summer Sweet Corn and Chicken Pot Pie $17 Herb Roasted Springer Mountain Chicken Thighs, Roasted Celery and Onion,

 Local Sweet Corn, Thyme Chicken Gravy, Puff Pastry Crust 


Pan Seared Local Black Drum $19  Creamy Porcini Scented Grits, Duck Fat Confit Fingerling Potatoes, Ragout of Fennel,

 Tomato, and Local Squash, Pecorino *GF


Grilled Pork Porterhouse $21 Low Country Summer Succotash With Andouille, Local Butter Beans, English Peas, Sweet Corn,

 Charred Summer Squash, Home Made Green Tomato Chow Chow *GF 


Home Made Porchetta $18  Herb Stuffed Pork Belly Roulade, Grilled Broccolini, House Grown Sage Veal Glace *GF


The Parisian Panini $12 Hickory Ham, Havarti Cheese, Rhubarb, Fig and Honey Jam, Sourdough 

Choice of Zapp’s Voodoo Chips or Bistro Side Salad  (Limited Quantity)




Birthday Cake Creme Brûlée $8




If You Would Like To Show The Kitchen Staff Some Love After Work

Brew For The Crew $10 Or A Round Of Whiskey $20 <3