Vodou is the Haitian form of Voodoo, which came from the slaves of Saint Domingue, modern day Haiti.  They had to hide their belief system, as they were being forced to convert to Catholicism. So they hid it in plain sight by way of syncretism, and blended their religion with Catholicism. 


Eventually, they rebelled, fought off the French, and became only the second nation to gain independence from a European nation, and the first to do with from an enslaved population.

















This is where we get our inspiration.  Vodou is private, intimate area where we can combine body and soul with powerful spirits.

The Cocktail menu takes its inspiration from creole, island, and latin influences, focusing mainly on Rum and tequila.  Whether you and your friends tackle a 32oz Volcano bowl or Kraken mug, or all of you decide to try your own concoctions, there is a little something for everyone.