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Jul 5, 2018



This could be a great spot to talk about how ridiculously good the sticky date cake is, and you can describe it's decadence and sinfully good buttered caramel sauce, or you can talk about your own family recipes, things you've tried around the world, challenge the chefs, sport pictures of your dish, whatever you want. The world is an oyster, shuck it!

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  • I'm not sure if you saw this past week, but we had Cuban B Deviled Eggs with Mojo Braised Pork Shoulder, Hickory Smoked Ham, Swiss Cheese, Pickles, and Yellow Mustard! What???? Our Deviled Eggs are a constantly rotating piece of delicious culinary art and creativity. They are the single most menu item responsible for making people say, "I don't eat deviled eggs, but I eat them here." They are truly fun to come up with and they are even more fun to eat. I think we should make them even more fun, by opening the floor to you guys! What sort of Deviled Egg would you like to see the Chefs of Team J6 try next? Come up with a winning choice, and we will name the eggs after you! You may never have a bridge or statue named after you, but how many folks can say they had eggs named after them? The floor is yours, fire away!!
  • If you've been to Whiskey Alley any time at all and you enjoy photography (and who doesn't these days... just look at all the foodies with their Smartphone cameras out), then you'll realize which table is the best in the house. It's the table immediately to your left when you walk into Whiskey Alley. I try to arrive early to take advantage of the opportunity to sit at my favorite spot. Why this particular table, you may ask? Well, when the sun is up still in the early evening hours, you get a wonderful natural lighting through two windows in that corner that highlights the beauty of the delicacies that you can acquire at Whiskey Alley. This is what it's all about... enjoying everything there is about your experience and when you can photograph it, the photos end up being a record to remind you of your wonderful visit at Whiskey Alley. Here are a few shots I took at that table, which will always be my favorite table. Kudos to Chefs Chad and Katie for the gastronomic ecstasy they have provided and a tip of the hat to "Chunky" for accommodating my preferred table more often than not.... since it is somewhat "luck of the draw" to get it. I also want to thank Moose for being one of the best waiters and connoisseurs of whiskey, whom I love to get tips from. The Daily Devil: Totchos!: Bangers and Mash: