Times are a changing

Don't worry!  Whiskey Alley has several ways to get your fix, here or there!

It seems like for months our options were reduced very few choices, but man, we've got nothing but options now! You can make reservations via opentable for our outdoor patio seating. You can walk up and inquire about any open tables we might have, and we will gladly welcome you if we have any available tables. You can order food to go on our website, where you can pay and tip and then take your food home, or take your bag and grab one of the food court style tables in The Alley.


The world has been full of questions and maybe not as many answers, but there are certainly way more options for us to see each other again, and the choice for how and when we get to say hello entirely yours again.


Can't wait to see you!

Don't take our word for it!


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***contains raw ingredients***

***Contains raw ingredients***



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